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IDPro at Identiverse Virtual 2020 (Part II)

Don’t miss IDPro member presentations!   Due to travel restrictions and in the best interests of attendees, Identiverse 2020 is being […]

IDPro at Identiverse Virtual 2020

Identiverse officially kicks-off this week and is an important event for IDPro, not only because IDPro was launched at Identiverse […]

Using Route53 for Optimal Failover Efficiency & User Experience

There are many ways to skin the high-availability cat using AWS’s Route53 DNS service. Here are some test results from […]

Dating Apps & Digital Identity During a Pandemic

In our article “Dating, Drones and Digital Identity,” we explored the need for identity verification within internet dating sites and […]

Identiverse goes virtual!

Identiverse® has been IDPro’s ‘home’ event for the past few years and it is considered the identity industry conference for […]

Considering Identity Management in Higher Education…During a Pandemic

At the 2018 Identiverse® conference, IDPro member Dedra Chamberlin, founder and CEO of Cirrus Identity, gave a presentation exploring the […]

Bot Identity

IDPro Editorial Committee It is likely that IDPro members are grappling with providing identity and access management services to a […]

How to Train an Identity Engineer

It is no secret that filling technical Identity & Access Management roles in today’s job market is not an easy […]

SameSite: how upcoming browser changes will affect common identity scenarios

Today’s protocols and identity practices for web applications are layered on top of HTTP and browser behaviors, which have remained […]