New Chapters in the Body of Knowledge now Available!

We’re happy to announce that the Body of Knowledge Vol 1/Issue 3 has been published and is available for public viewing! A special thank you to everyone who helped bring this latest issue to fruition. The development of the BoK is important for the continued development and success of the IAM industry and we could not have done it without your support.

As part of the IDPro mission, the Body of Knowledge is being created to foster the professionalisation of the industry by normalizing terminology and information for IAM practitioners. The Body of Knowledge forms the foundation of IDPro’s certification program which will provide IAM practitioners and hiring managers a method for establishing a baseline of understanding within the IAM industry.

Body of Knowledge Updates 

The Body of Knowledge includes a rich library of articles and work for Issue 4 is already underway.

Issue 3 covers topics such as:

We are also continuing development of the Consolidated Terminology document which captures the unique vocabulary defined by the various Body of Knowledge articles.

Get Involved 

As mentioned, the Body of Knowledge effort is largely driven by volunteers, and there are several areas where additional help is needed. If you are interested in volunteering, we are looking for subject experts to develop the following articles:

  • Identity Components – potentially a set of articles explaining complex terms and concepts such as Identity Provider, Relying Party, Clients, and more
  • Sector-specific definitions around Digital Identity
  • The use of certificates, biometrics, and other forms of information as digital identifiers
  • Privilege Management – classes of tools, common patterns, cloud vs on-premises vs hybrid, etc.

There’s more! You can get all the details and sign up to help via the Body of Knowledge page on IDPro website. We appreciate the feedback we have received from the IAM community and welcome you to ask questions or propose alternative viewpoints. Please submit your thoughts and comments on the Body of Knowledge work via our GitHub repository. Each article is copied to GitHub in markdown format to help target potential issues and relevant comments.

Learn more about the certification program by reviewing the committee’s charter and letting us know in IDPro’s #certification channel (for members) or, for non-members, via the IDPro website, if you would like to participate.

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